Our Goal: Don’t Hesitate. Vaccinate.

Our goal is to help prevent the deaths and suffering from this horrid virus and bring us back to normal. So we can see our families, friends and loved ones again. So we can go out again, enjoy restaurants and bars again, attend cultural and sporting events again. So businesses can come out of hibernation and thrive again. So schools can fully open again. So grandparents can hug their grandchildren again. And, mostly, so we can live free of fear again.

We are the nation’s Top Doctors. We believe in science and believe in the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness. Without hesitation, we know the quickest way back to normal is for everyone to get vaccinated. As a result, we started a public awareness campaign encouraging everyone to do just that.

So go ahead, let’s all get vaccinated. For our loved ones, our families, our friends, our community and the world.


“The data is clear. All of the current vaccines have been proven safe and effective, endorsed by the FDA, which is much more stringent than other medical regulatory agencies around the world.”
— Dr. Jacqueline Jones

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