Booking a Covid-19 Vaccine? More Tools and Tips, Plus Help From Apple, Facebook and Google

Mar. 18, 2021 | by Joanna Stern

Me: “Hey Siri, refresh the pharmacy websites until there’s an available vaccine appointment within 50 miles, then book it as fast as robotically possible. If you can’t do that, sound your loudest alarm to get my attention.”

Siri: “I didn’t get that. Can you try again?”

Alright, maybe I got a bit overzealous after Apple announced it is making it easier to find Covid-19 vaccines.

Can you blame me? As I detailed in a column a few weeks ago, in many states getting a vaccine appointment is an experience somewhere between Vegas poker and the Hunger Games. The combo of poorly designed websites and scarce appointments will make you wish you could simply stand on a line 15 miles long, on a freezing cold day, no snacks in …read more»

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